Since 1902 Carrs Tool Steels has been supplying its customers with high quality tool steel, originally as Sheffield based Rich’d W Carr and, since a management buyout in 1992 as Carrs Tool Steels Limited.

The demands placed on production tooling have risen dramatically in recent years with the introduction of new materials such as high strength, low alloy automotive steel and new, more demanding production processes. Carrs comprehensive range of tool steel and high strength aluminium alloy includes recently introduced grades, developed by some of the worlds leading steelmakers, that specifically address these new manufacturing challenges.

Innovation and investment in customer service have always been the main drivers in Carrs business philosophy and two major projects illustrate the point very well: The installation of automatic milling machines enable the company to supply precision milled blocks so accurately finished that they can go straight into tooling production without further machining. After four years of development, the company went live with a new computer system. Customers see a much more rapid response to enquiries, efficient communication and a quality of labeling and product presentation that is arguably without equal.

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