Readymilled – Fine milled on all six faces. You specify, We deliver fast !

Following a major investment in new milling technology – the first such machines in Europe, Carrs Toolsteel Technologies is able to offer high precision, blocked up tool steel pieces, to customer’s specifications at economic prices.

“Blocking up” has always been an expensive and time-consuming task for toolmakers. Skilled machinists and expensive milling machines are used to produce accurate blocks as a necessary preliminary to the highly skilled job of machining and finishing complex tooling. Being able to avoid the blocking-up operation would enable toolmakers to concentrate their resources on the most important and skillful work.

Carrs will offer its wide range of tool steel qualities finish-milled on all six faces. Customers will be able to specify their exact size requirements and the company aims to maintain its existing rapid turn-around of orders.

Andrew Eastwood, Carrs MD says “we can do in minutes what it would take an hour or more on conventional equipment. This offers real benefits to our customers both in terms of cost and time. Since starting production in 2009 Carrs have delivered over 200,000 pieces of Readymilled products.”

Material can be supplied in a size range from 20mm x 20mm x 20mm to 180mm x 430mm x 430mm to a tolerance of -0 +0.1mm and a guaranteed squareness of 0.1mm /m.

Subcontract machining can also be offered.

The Technology

As a result of our investment in the latest technology – the first of its type in Europe, we are able to block up tool steel to customers specifications in minutes, a task that could well take hours on conventional equipment. The new milling technology is fast, accurate, very economic and automatic permitting: fine milled finishes, tolerances to -0+0.1mm and squareness to 0.1mm/m.

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