Special High Performance Tool Steels

These tool steels qualities have been developed recently to meet the latest manufacturing challenges by some of the world’s leading steelmakers. Advantages include the ability to process much tougher materials, very high stability, avoidance of heat treatment and much longer tool life.
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Extreme High Performance Powder Metallurgy Tool Steels

These materials represent the pinnacle of tool steel technology with qualities that provide the greatest possible toughness and wear resistance.
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High Performance Aluminium Alloys For Tools

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These alloys have been specially developed to satisfy a growing demand for mould tools in Aluminium. Advantages include ease of machining and short time to production, very high thermal conductivity and light weight.
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Low Carbon Steel: QBR and MS Mild Steel

QBR is suitable for welding with high toughness with a surface hardness of 57HRc, whilst MS Mild Steel is an unalloyed low carbon steel with good machinability.
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Ground Flat Stock

Ground flat stock is available in imperial and metric sizes, at competitive prices. Supplied fully annealed, ground flat stock is precision ground to close tolerances, enabling finished components to be produced with the minimum of machining.

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Conventional Toolsteel

These tool steels, such as O1 and D2, have been with us for the best part of a century and have been the foundation of the tool making industry. However, with greater demands being placed on tooling, toolmakers should also look at alternatives in the Special High Performance Tool Steel range.
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