Mining is a very cyclical business, depending on metal prices and consumption. This might have an impact on deciding to use a new technology, Toolox. Although metal prices affect new investments, running mines always need spare parts.

What is Toolox?

TOOLOX is a pre-hardened, free machining steel with very high impact toughness and exceptional cleanliness. This steel may be polished and etched with excellent results. Because of the very low levels of internal stress, large sections may be machined without movement and stress relieving is neither necessary nor recommended.
Many manufacturing sectors are pressured to deliver results better and faster to stay competitive. This steel helps by providing a modern engineering and tool steel of unmatched hardness and toughness.

This helps clients avoid risky, expensive heat treatments and lets them expedite manufacturing. Due to the fact Toolox is produced to rigorous quality standards, its potent mechanical properties are measured and guaranteed, so clients can be assured that it represents high quality they can trust.

Benefits of using Toolox:

✔ Longer lifetime when upgrading
✔ Higher accuracy
✔ Higher strength
✔ Faster and leaner manufacturing

Why use it in mining?

  • Size, weight & power – with mining requiring larger and more efficient machinery, the greater the need for higher strength steels
  • Production lead time – quicker production of spare parts
  • Longer lifetime for the tooling (through upgrading)
  • Higher reliability
  • Higher quality as there is no risk with heat treatment
  • Lower your costs – costs can be lower with Toolox and, in certain applications, even when the material price is higher

Examples in mining:

Toolox 44 for inserts and Toolox 33 for tool holders – used in mining and oil drilling to feed pipes to drilling holes; its toughness and higher strength enables 30% higher forces

Toolox 44 for articulated key sticks for pipes – cut by water jet to a thickness of 70mm, the key consists of two parts, opening and closing for threading tubes. The use of Toolox 44 has increased the tool’s lifetime from two months to at least over 6 months (and is still going)

Toolox 33 for mine elevator safety mechanism – Jack Catches type of safety mechanism, used in mine elevators (as well as personal elevators); material upgraded to Toolox 33, which increased workshop properties compared with the previous material.

Toolox 44 for rock drilling bits – Toolox offers better dimensional stability allowing lower unwanted vibration levels; Toolox’s higher tolerances enables inserts to be shrink-fitted perfectly to holes at temperatures under 400C.

Toolox 44 for rock drilling machine components – when high strength and anti-fatigue properties are needed, longer lifetime expectation, faster production, thick tolerances, making Toolox more stable in use.

Toolox 33 and Toolox 44 for ore drilling bits – Toolox 44 can upgrade the properties to a new level and its thick tolerances offer better stability and fewer unwanted vibrations.

Toolox stabilisers for mines – Toolox’s high hardness increased the lifespan, high machining tolerance help avoid vibrations and lean manufacturing saves time and reduces heat treatment risks.

Toolox 44 for jaw crusher and other crushing machines – for machine parts that need to resist high stresses or need high tolerances

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