Their Problem

A company with over 40 years’ experience in the construction and manufacturing industry, developing and producing a wide range of equipment and machine components, was looking to find a more reliable and easier to treat steel. As their industry is very competitive, they were looking for a steel that would give them a competitive advantage.
Standard steel, used in this sector, first needs to be machined, then sent for heat treatment and then machined once again. The company was looking for a more efficient material, especially as they wanted to avoid the heat treatment to eliminate the risk of distortion that can sometimes occur during this process.

Our Solution

We suggested using our Toolox 44.
Toolox 44 is a pre-hardened, relatively free machining steel with very high impact toughness and exceptional cleanliness. Due to very low levels of internal stress, large sections may be machined without movement and stress relieving is neither necessary nor recommended. This steel may be polished and etch grained with excellent results.

Main advantages of using Toolox 44:

  • Reliability of the material – its increased service life and predictable performance
  • Ready to use, pre-hardened steel reduces lead times
  • Improved reputation by providing a superior finished product

The Outcome

By using Toolox 44, this company was able to reduce their average manufacturing time compared with the competitors and thus gain a competitive advantage, enabling them to win new orders from across a wide variety of industries.

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